OB/GYN recommendations please
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OB/GYN recommendations in NYC (preferably Manhattan, west side) for someone with Empire's NYSHIP student health employee plan.

Just found out that I'm pregnant - only a few weeks along. This wasn't expected (but my partner and I are happy and excited and a slight bit freaked out) so I'm unprepared for a lot of things including having an OB/GYN and a real idea of what kind of pregnancy care/birth plan I want to have. And yes, I know that at this point there is a real and significant possibility of miscarriage.

I'd like to get some recommendations for OB/GYNs who are easy to talk to and to get to by subway. I do not care if the MD is male or female, I just don't want to deal with any jerks.

If there are any other suggestions about the process, I'd be glad to hear them, just no shouting please - people get way too worked up about pregnancy and kid stuff. If you're super adamant, it is more likely to make me run in the opposite direction than adhere to your fevered exhortations.
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While I've never been pregnant, I've had a very good experience with Dr. Moushmi Datta as my GYN. She's kind, caring, thorough, and dedicated to the special needs of each patient. I don't know if she accepts your insurance, but she's a quick walk from the Columbus Circle subway station.

Her number is 212-523-6333.

Good luck!
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Dr. Michelle Morgan at West Side OB/GYN is excellent, and I've heard very good things about the other doctors in the practice. I've never been pregnant myself, so I've only been there for the GYN side of things, not the OB, but I have only ever heard the best about Dr. Morgan in that regard.

Their deets:

West Side OB/GYN
620 Columbus Ave # 2
New York, NY 10024
(212) 580-3866
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Michael Silverstein was ours ("advanced maternal age" pregnancy, emergency c-section in the end). He was awesome. So awesome, that I (the father) was surprised how much I missed him after it was all done. It was like I wanted him to stick around and be an honorary uncle or something.
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Mod note: From the OP:
I'm genuinely in need of recommendations and it seems that one person's negative comment about one OB/GYN and the ensuing MetaTalk discussion has completely inhibited people from actually answering my question. I am in the position of not having any close friends who have had kids in the NYC area and I don't particularly want to announce that I'm pregnant yet to people I'm not particularly close to. Obviously choosing an OB/GYN is fairly important and in addition to a listing that says where a particular MD went to school and did his/her residency and whether they're board certified, I am extremely interested in people's personal experiences. I don't want a freakin' Yelp review of a restaurant. I want to know if your OB/GYN was good at his or her job and not a jerk.

If the hivemind sincerely can't come up with more than one name of someone who people liked as an OB for their kid's birth (the recommendations by people who used an MD as a GYN are nice but not specific enough: I am fairly willing to trust most GYNs for my annual poke 'n prod, but having a kid is different), I'd like some advice on where to find some advice. And if anyone says Yelp, I might have to pull this car over.
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