Christmas Lights in South Jersey and Philly
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My family and I are going to drive around the Philly / South Jersey area to look at Christmas lights. Pretty displays are good, garish displays are better! (we hear Hershey PA has some kickass lights, but it's unfortunately too far away for our purposes.)
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Best answer: Are you me? Seriously, are you me?

Here are some handy-dandy suggestions on just this topic, courtesy of my family itinerary. Moorestown apparently has some stuff:

This isn't driving, and it's not free ($18/adult ticket=eesh), but I've been told I'm going, so I will be seeing Longwood Gardens:

Also, here are some light show suggestions from phillyist and visitphilly.

Mayhap I will see you and your family touring displays. Cheers and happy holidays, Philly MeFites!
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Aw, the visit philly link didn't work right. It was just to the Wanamaker organ in Center City.

Here are more:
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Hello from South Jersey! There are two houses near the Cherry Hill Mall that have been trying to outdo each other for years and years...

Mercer Avenue, Cherry Hill NJ
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Try Pitman Grove, in Gloucester County. I remember being dazzled there about 15 years ago.
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Best answer: Hello. Cherry Hill resident here. Definitely go see the 2 houses on Mercer. They're across the street from the Township municipal complex.

While you're in Cherry Hil, go to the end of Deer Rd (WEST of 295, not East -- 295 runs over Deer Rd and there are 2 unconnected sections). There are 5 houses there that go all out.
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Response by poster: Dear God, do you have any idea where in Moorestown that musical house is? That one was more than I dared dream of!
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I am not quite sure--I will find out for you, though.
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Oh well.
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