Where should I have lunch tomorrow in Warrensburg, Missouri?
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Where should I have lunch tomorrow in Warrensburg, Missouri?

I like locally owned places, not chains. I cannot spend more than $15 per adult. I will be with my mother, my aunt, and my 2-month-old; the former two prefer American-style food. Google, Yelp, and Urbanspoon are not yielding likely options. Anyone have any personal experience with the area? What are the local gems?
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While I'm sure a personalized recommendation would be the best-case scenario answer to your question, Warrensburg is sufficiently small that it might be the case that one will not be forthcoming.

If one does not materialize, here's a tweak on a Google maps search that gives you 30+ businesses listed as restaurants in Warrensburg. Hope it helps.
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If Teehaus is still open, then that's exactly where you should go.
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Disregard... Teehaus closed a little while ago. My good friend that lived there for years suggests Heroes.
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I too came in to suggest Heroes, given the criteria. It's kinda bar-like, but should be fine at lunch.
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Best answer: For Italian - Monetti's.
Sports bar - Fitter's.
Cafe-style - Black Adder, where the Teehaus used to be!
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Oh, wait! I forgot-- Thai food at the Siam!
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I'd drive the 30 minutes to Concordia for Biffles BBQ myself.
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Response by poster: we ended up going to the Black Adder - it was absolutely delicious! thanks, everyone!
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