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What's the best way to get a copy of an American television program to someone in Australia?

I'm going to be on a U.S. television show in a couple of months and some friends in Australia want to see me. This is not a program that is put out on the torrent networks. Is my best bet:
a.) to make friends with a torrent-maker and ask for a favor
b.) pay to have my videotape duplicated in the PAL format
c.) ask someone with a TiVo with built-in DVD burner and ask them to make a DVD (are those discs regionless?)
d.) ask someone with a TV card on their PC to make an .avi and burn it to a data cd
e.) something else?
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Being someone in Oz right now, ask your friends if they have a video player that can play NTSC tapes - you (and they!) might be suprised. Whilst PAL is the standard over here, the manufacturers long ago seemed to realise that a distressing number of recordings were in NTSC and added NTSC playback functionality to their VCR's.

Other than that, I'd get someone with a TV card to avi it, which for me would basically equate to (a) anyway. Are you sure it's not auto-torrented anyway? There's a _lot_ of random stuff on the torrent networks....
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You could ask if they have a multisystem VCR and TV.

Unlike North America, most other places have TVs that work on all standards nowadays. VCRs included.

If they have a multisystem VCR and TV, you can just send them the NTSC video tape.

Of course, the *best* way would be to have somenoe record it on their computer and compress it into a DivX/XviD video, because then you wouldn't have to pay for shipping. :o)
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doh! coriolisdave beat me to it.
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Almost all DVD players are sold region free here so the DVD route sounds good too. [Does TiVo embed a region code? - they're only just starting to appear here, so no experience]
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Tell your Australian friends the URL of the torrent of the show, which should be posted all over the Internet the day after the show airs.
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If it's the show I'm thinking of, search for other episodes, and contact the person listed [if there is one]. They may be able to do you a favour and torrent the specific show that you need.
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