Afterlife hotel room?
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Have you ever read a story about three people who have died and are stuck in some sort of afterlife hotel room? My mom has been trying to find this book for the longest time. It's by a French author, and she read it in French. It's short, just about interactions between the people, who don't realize they're dead. Thanks!
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Best answer: No Exit (Huis clos) by Sartre?
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Response by poster: Wow, that was quick. Thank you!
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Piano, by Jean Echenoz, also fits this bill.
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Yes, it is No Exit.

Hell, apparently, is other people.
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it's No Exit, but I thought the people did know they are dead, but the reader was not supposed to know.
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Between Two Worlds (1944) (trailer) has the same plot in case you're looking for more.
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