Print and mail my cards please!
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Is there a service that will print and mail my custom christmas cards?

Yes, I am as disorganised as ever. Its December 19th, and I still haven't taken a delightful holiday photo of my toddlers, let alone ordered the cards yet. Last year I managed to take a photo, upload it to flickr, turn it into a christmas card, have the blank cards mailed to me, fill them all out, then mail them out to family and friends. All the grandparents are in Europe, so there's no way any cards will make it on time even if I mailed them today, but the sooner they arrive, the less annoyed the grandparents will be.

There are many sites that allow you to design and print your own custom cards (snapfish etc), and I even found one website in the UK that will fill out and mail cards for me, but they are not cards that use my images, just generic Christmas cards that someone helpfully fills out and mails for me. Is there a site that will take my digital image and turn it into a card, then mail the cards direct to my recipients; instead of mailing them to me, so I can mail them back out again? Bonus if I can enter a custom message in each card, but not totally necessary.

If no such service exists, then someone should go start up this business right now, because I would use it every year!
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Hallmark says they do it.
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Here is one
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Tinyprints does this; so does
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sorry, above link is to Hallmark Photo cards
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I have used shutterfly to do exactly this. (Link)
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Tiny Prints does this well.
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Minted will do this.
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I've recently seen television ads for something called Moonpig that does this.
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I got a lovely card from TinyPrints.
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Amazingmail also offers this.
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Nthing Shutterfly. I have family friends who live in France who create holiday photo cards from home using Shutterfly. The cards are sent directly from Oakland, CA, I think (the first time we got a Shutterfly card, we were trying to think who the hell we knew in CA), and they're an annual hit in my house.
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Also Overnight Prints offers this service.
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+1 for AmazingMail that fings mentioned. I used them a lot in the past (several years ago) and was very impressed at their intersection of price, quality and turn-around time.
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Thanks for all the helpful answers, AskMefi rocks as always! For future reference:
Tinyprints, Minted, Hallmark and Psprint do not ship outside the US.
Shutterfly and Amazing Mail both ship worldwide, although I have missed their deadlines.
Moonpig can print from the US, UK or Australia.
Overnight Prints has sites in the US, UK, France, Austria, and Germany.
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I've also used Cardstore in the past and they have sent cards to overseas friends.
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