Need an Online Day Planner/To Do List with Times
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I'm looking for an online day planner that lets you schedule your To Dos. I like to plan my day by assigning a time estimate to each to do item and then sticking it somewhere in my daily calendar. For example: "laundry" 1-2:30PM.

I realize that you may just say 'well use a calendar!', but I love the satisfaction I get from checking a box and seeing an item crossed out!

I love TeuxDeux, as it's pretty simple, includes the 'Someday' lists at the bottom, and automatically moves things over to the next day, but doesn't let you put things into a time grid.

Nice to haves: subtasks, 'raw' to dos without any times assigned to them, scheduling down to the closest 15 mins, automatic refreshing that also shows if you're behind schedule.
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Google calendars is great for this and you can even set it up to do email or text notifications.
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Seconding Google Calendars. If you really need a thing to cross off or rid yourself of, use the email notifications as your checkbox, and moving them from your inbox as the completion of the task.
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Best answer: Toodledo allows you to assign start and due dates and times, durations, tasks without dates and times. I highly recommend it. You can set up a subscription from a calendar app to your Toodledo tasks, but I have not tested how well this works. This is all free. You get subtasks if you buy a pro membership.

Google Calendar is a poor solution for this problem.
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Thirding google calendar. Set up a separate calendar called "completed", which you switch the tasks to when they are done. They change colour! Very satisfying!

You're left with a record of what you did every day, which you can refer to later. You can also add notes about the details of what happened.

Raw to-dos go in arbitrary timeslots a week or two in the future. Eventually their time comes around and you are forced to either do it or move it into the future again, which is a nice way to stay aware of the tasks that you are putting off.
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Response by poster: Hehe, I guess I shouldn't have planted the 'subliminal' solution of a calendar in my question!

@grouse - I looked at Toodledo and as much as I find their interface pretty 'busy', I tried it out, but didn't find that 'day planner' mode that I'm really after.

Interesting idea @jeffj. I might end up having to give that a go after all.

Keep the ideas coming folks! Thanks!
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Response by poster: Ok, I give. I'm going to give Toodledo another shot, and give up (at least for now) on my little day planner idea as it somewhat conflicts with GTD philosophy and well, I can't find a good simple solution. I'll just have to do a huge reset on my GTD setup and get everything into TD instead.

BTW, I did find more than a few people unhappy with TD's styling, and who went the extra mile to fix it up (via CSS). Good options include styles at:
* (search for 'Toodledo')
* via the Stylish Firefox/Chrome extension
* via Greasemonkey scripts

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