Do they have Mogen David in Heaven?
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Do they use Mac OS X in China? If so, how far has Apple penetrated that market?
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Here's their flagship store in Shanghai.
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This article reckons that Apple had 0.25% of the market here in 2008 (couldn't find anything more recent on a cursory search); this one from November this year reckons sales are growing at about 8 times the rate of the computer market in general. Anecdotally I've done contract work in design and film shops that were using mostly Apple kit, and I expect it'll continue to branch out of those sectors.
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Although many corporations use Apple gear, it is priced out of reach of most Chinese consumers.
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I live in China and only occasionally see a Chinese person using a Mac. (iphones and ipads are popular though). I've asked Chinese people why, and most have sited the expensive cost. Another Chinese person told me it wasn't the cost of Macs that was the main problem, but that Chinese people can't play the games they wanted on Macs. Also, Chinese people get pirated Windows software here for free; not sure what they would do for Macs (I know nothing about computers so forgive me if that doesn't make sense).
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Also, I'm not sure I buy the cost explanation completely. It's one explanation, but on the other hand I see luxury cars a lot here in big cities, and those are even more expensive than they would be in the States. There's a definite market for luxury goods in China.
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oops, sorry! I PODS, not Ipads. Have not seen many Ipads. Ok, I'll go away now.
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