Northeast Xmas and New Year's Plans
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Northeast Christmas and New Year's plans, anyone? My husband and I are located in New York, and are interested in something non-family to do on the Christmas and New Year's weekends. We'd be willing to drive as far as Boston or Washington to do something worthwhile without breaking the bank. Any ideas? More inside.

We are mid-30s, young at heart and arty. We are not into sports: more foodie and wine-types, into live shows, films, restaurants, and meeting similar people. We work in the arts.

If we undertake a trip to Boston or Baltimore, etc., will anything worthwhile be open to do? Your specifics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Boston has First Night, which is a day-long artsy festival on New Year's Eve.
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Providence's Bright Night is also lots of fun, and hotel/motel accommodations may be a bit less expensive there.
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Providence also has a First Night that is arty. The casinos (Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Atlantic City) will also have lots of shows and restaurant events. But one of my favorite Christmases was when we drove to Montreal (same distance from NYC as Baltimore), for a French-flavored holiday of lights, snow and chocolate fondue.
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I think Providence is a good suggestion. It's got fantastic restaurants (I recommend Gracie's), and a fairly arty scene.
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The main things to know if you decide to be in New York City for New Year's Eve (not clear on whether you are asking about trips to take, whether you are in NYC or New York State, whether you've lived in NYC for a million years or what, sorry if this info is redundant):

* Most things have a cover charge. Sometimes exhorbitant. Even small neighborhood bars will usually coordinate some kind of evening of entertainment and thus charge a cover. Often cover charges will be horrifically disproportionate to what said entertainment entails, so it's good to come up with some options and evaluate which ones get you the most bang for the buck.

* Most things get crowded quickly, and in certain cases you may need to make reservations, buy tickets, or RSVP in advance. Definitely do your homework on this.

* The Times Square ball drop thing is a clusterfuck. Just don't.

All of that said, last year I went to a loft party held by Winkel & Balktick. It was amazing, and I'd highly recommend doing that or something like it. There will probably also be a Danger party, and I can't find anything about what Rubulad is doing this year but they might be worth checking out as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! Providence was on our list, but we didn't know any specifics. Sara C., we were in NYC, but are now in the 'burbs. NYC is still an option on the table, but getting out of town seems more desirable. Doing more research now. Any additional thoughts are still welcome. Thank you!
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The Berkshires
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If you're going to DC, the Smithsonian is open every day except Xmas. Lots to do and that could keep you busy for many days.
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