Rocks with eyes!?
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Another "what book from my childhood was this?" question.

Tall rock pillars with eyes; girl trapped in a dream world. I read this sometime around 1960 or so. As far as I can recall it's about a girl who dreams herself into a world -- I think she's trapped in a house near the sea -- where she is menaced by tall rocks, each one with a single eye in it, that slowly grow closer each time she awakens in the house. The book has a strange sense of menace as the ominous rocks get closer and closer. This was not a picture book, but it did have some illustrations. I've been trying to find it for years. Help?
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Marianne Dreams?
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Wow! That sure sounds like it, I must admit. Will have to get the book to be sure. Thank you, paduasoy!
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Also made into an excellent and creepy film, Paperhouse.
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The wiki article doesn't particularly focus on the sinister stones, but they are a big feature of the book, and as you say they move closer and closer. Scary stuff. Thanks for the question, which led me to look up Catherine Storr - lots about her life I hadn't known. Let me know what you make of the book 40 years on.
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