Googlefu needed: looking for a tanktop that has a pocket on the back for an iPod.
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I swear I saw an ad/article in a fitness magazine for a running tank top with a pocket on the back, right between or below the shoulder blades. The pocket was the perfect size for an iPod - but my (basic) Googlefu can't find anything. Does anyone know if these tank tops are for sale anywhere, and if they're worth it?
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I checked around a little but couldn't really find anything like what you described.

Might I suggest this though? You could just get a regular tank top and then just wear that to hold your iPod.
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Bicycle shirts often have pockets like the one you're describing. A search through supergo or specialized, or another bike catalog may yield results.
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What is Googlefu?
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Googlefu is a reference to Google skills. Sort of like kung fu. If you are very good at using and finding what you are looking for than your Googlefu is high.

Here is what Google says, although I was surprised to not find it in the Metafilter Wiki or wikipedia which would be the usual places to look up references like this.
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I personally just have pockets in my shorts, and I run with my iPod or my shortwave radio in that pocket and I don't notice it at all. If you notice junk that's in your pockets, it might be worth it.
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Sleeveless bike jersey or look in some triathlon web sites/catalogs.
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