What are the names of these old animated Xmas movies?
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Help me with any pieces of information about these 2 animated Christmas shows/films that have eluded me for over 2 decades.

The reason everything about them has remained a mystery to me is that I have very, very little info to go on other than some snippets of childhood memory.

The first was a Christmas special that aired on network tv in the late 1970s/early 80s.

It involved a bully with a switchblade that was actually just a comb. And a duck. I believe there was a duck. Oh, and aliens came down from space to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.

The second was a film that was shown on either HBO or Showtime in the early 80s.

Even less info about this one. Maybe Santa was kidnapped? It was kind of a darker tale. I remember vultures.

That's all I got.
Xmas aliens bless you if you can help.
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Best answer: For the second one: Twice Upon a Time? It debuted in '83, was shown a few times on HBO, involved the kidnapping of the Santa-esque Greensleeves (the bearded guy in this fanart), and featured a villain whose minions were pet vultures.
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Best answer: For the first one: A Cosmic Christmas?
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Response by poster: you two have just ended DECADES of frustration.

i cannot even come close to expressing my monumental relief and gratitude.

i'm not even wistful that there are now no unanswered questions left in my childhood pop culture memory.
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