Kindle: Can you listen to an MP3 and look at a PDF at the same time?
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Kindle: Can you listen to an MP3 and look at a PDF at the same time?

Her inside wants to know if she can look at a PDF of a score, and listen to an MP3 of the score at the same time. If the answer is yes then I have finished my Christmas shopping.
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Best answer: Yes. I've done this on my K2. Not a score, but a PDF book. I've just tested it out to confirm.
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Response by poster: Thanks Arctic. Have a good christmas (if you celebrate it).
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She'll love it. We're thinking of getting a second one because both Mrs arcticseal and I are both avid readers. Happy Christmas!
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Just tested it on the K3 and it works fine. There is no MP3-player interface when listening to music in this way, but the keyboard shortcuts Alt-Space (stop/start music) and Alt-F (next track) work while viewing a PDF.

Be aware that the display of the standard Kindle 3 has a resolution of 600 × 800 pixels (and its size is 3.6 in (91 mm) × 4.8 in (122 mm)), so you might* need to have the score in quite a large size for it to be easily viewable, which would require a lot of page turns, which might be difficult if you're trying to read in sync with music.

* I have no knowledge of musical scores
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x2 on mattn's point - if you're going to be reading a lot of PDFs on the thing, a regular sized kindle isn't the best choice. I would opt for the Kindle DX (maybe a used one?).

I've read pdfs before on my Kindle 2 and it's worked, it was way far from ideal though.
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