Quick renewal of a British passport
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Is it easy to get a renewal of a British passport in one day? Looking for people with experiences and tips!

I'm a UK citizen on a F-1 student visa in the US. I need to renew my British passport while I'm back in London this Christmas (and the first week of January or so). I saw that the passport agency has a 1-day renewal service.
Thinking of doing it - but is it easy to apply for? is it only for life-or-death emergency cases? couldn't find much info on this on the site.

Thanks for any helpful advice!!
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I've done this before. They don't generally do it for anything complex - eg if it's your first passport or if some special circumstances apply. If it is a basic renewal, you should be alright, but don't count on getting an appointment at this time of year. Ring the Identity and Passport Service now (0300 222 0000) and see if you can get an appointment in London. If they don't have a slot, Peterborough is the nearest place with a regional passport office so you could try there.
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When does your passport expire? If you have a little bit, I would go back to London and renew your passport through the UK Embassy in Washington after you get back. They say it takes up to 4 weeks.
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Thanks for the replies!

I was nervous about this but then I realized that the passport agency phoneline is open on weekends!
so I decided to phone them and the operator was very helpful. She offered an appointment as early as Christmas Eve! I thought the actual passport agency website wasn't very good or helpful (that's why I turned to metafilter) but I am pleasantly surprised by the high service quality of the phone help line
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I have also done this at the Peterborough office, took less than an hour, but make sure you have everything you need before you get there, right photos, etc.
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