Is there a website that collects blogs for you?
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Is there any website out there that can collect all of the blogs that I read into one place and notify me when they are updated?

I'm looking for a service where I can sign up for different blogs and they keep track of where they are hosted and they notify me of updates. Something like podcasts on Itunes. I'm just getting sick of remembering where they all are and thought something like this would be much easier.

Not sure if this is a completely ridiculous thing to think exists.
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Google Reader!
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An RSS reader will do all that, or am I missing something.
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Have you tried an RSS reader like Google Reader? That's what I use.
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Thanks for the help.
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There used to be blogdex which was brilliant - and only including this so the developers of blogdex pull their fingers out
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The "developers" of blogdex is actually just Cameron Marlow, who's had two or three jobs since he made Blogdex while still a postgrad. He's keeping quite busy, but I can't imagine anyone has the ability to make a site like that as a personal project anymore.
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With your Google Reader account you can also use NetNewsWire for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. They sync with Google Reader so your read/unread items and list of feeds stay consistent.
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you can also save craiglist searches, podcasts, google alerts, ask metafilter itself, and tons of other stuff
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