Where is a quality Seattle diner?
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Any homestyle restaurant recommendations for Seattle?

Preferably cheap-diner-style with waitresses who use terms of endearment. Pancakes, hash browns, bacon, BLTs, pie, etc.

Located on Capitol or First Hill would be preferable, but elsewhere is fine as well.
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Beth's Cafe near Greenlake.
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Glo's on Olive in Cap Hill is good, but the waitresses are likely hungover hipsters and not your great aunt who calls you "hon".
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The Silver Fork on Rainier.

Madison Cafe (was Zeena's) on Madison 1 block west of Broadway.
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WAIT! How could I have forgotten! Here's the one you want:

First Hill Bar and Grill (901 Madison)

Totally authentic diner, run by Greeks, good food, cheap, crappy coffee, counter service - it's awesome.
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Voula's and Salmon Bay Cafe are the only true diners. Vera's is also acceptable.
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... none of those are in the location you asked for. Oops.
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Smoke Shop in Ballard.
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Patty's Eggnest on Crown Hill.
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Beth's Cafe has great milkshakes.

Check out Charlestown Cafe in West Seattle and the 5 Point in Seattle Center.
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Mae's on Phinney.
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The Mecca is my personal favorite for a dive-y diner breakfast experience. Uptown, near Seattle Center.

The Canterbury on Capitol Hill (15th Ave) is great for a massive club sandwich and a beer, but they don't do breakfast.

And I 2nd Voula's. Great hash browns, great milkshakes.
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Nthing Silver Fork.

Best diner in Seattle, IMHO. They have inexpensive, good food, attentive staff, and great background music. Plus, they serve grits, which are a huge favorite of mine.
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Beth's might have the food, but its really shabby, frequented by an 'interesting' crowd, and the wait staff are rude on purpose as part of some odd theme. I wouldn't take a family there, but fun for late nights with crazy friends.
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If you like the style of Beth's but want to stay downtown, try her sister joint the Hurricane Cafe on 7th Ave. The waiters are just as surly, you can still try to beat the 12 egg omlette & Curt Cobain used to be a busboy there.

Or you night be tempted by the upscale elegance (heh) of 13 Coins, favored hangout of Seattle's reporter bullpen. If you sit at the counter you might get a scoop on tomorrow's headline free with your meal. It's at the bottom of First Hill on Boren Ave.

Both are open 24 hours. Dig in!
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Definitely Mecca. Also, the attached bar is one of the hangouts (also, 13 Coins) for the Opera and Ballet crews. Fun people.
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Vera's, Salmon Bay Cafe, and Beth's have already been mentioned, but they deserve addition emphasis. I have a feeling that any one of them would be just what you're seeking.

Not quite the diner experience, but Wild Mountain Cafe serves a great diner style breakfast
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