Seniors Console Games
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Recommendations of recent console games for a library collection that would appeal to seniors.

I am spending the last of my budget next week and I am looking for recommendations on recent (late 09, and 2010) console games that seniors might enjoy playing. My library is located near a new seniors home and centre that opened up earlier this year, plus we have a lot of seniors living close by and I would like to add some games that would appeal to them.

We have the usual suspects in our collection (Sports Resort, Lego, Boom Blox etc) so I am looking for some not so obvious titles or ones that slipped under the radar.
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Best answer: Monopoly Streets? They would be familiar with the boardgame, and it's easier to play.
posted by misha at 11:11 AM on December 18, 2010

Point and click adventures would circumvent any issue with slowing of reflexes. the first Broken Sword in Director's Cut was issued within your timeframe.
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