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Are there "gift certificates" for World of Warcraft? (Bonus Zombies.)

My husband's birthday is coming up, and I have the perennial problem that there's just not much that he wants in terms of consumer goods. I have a few ideas; the problem is that they're all things that I want, too. Even giving him nice clothes is sort of an "us" gift.

The one thing he mentioned when I asked was wanting . . . I'm not even sure, a specialty familiar for WoW, something like an "adorable little pillar of lava"? I guess you have to pay for such things?

How much are those kinds of add-ons? Is it possible to purchase a kind of e-gift-certificate to WoW to let him get himself something ridic that he'll enjoy?

Alternatively, if you know of any new good stuff to do with zombies, that would help too. He loved World War Z, for instance.
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Best answer: I think he's probably referring to Lil Ragnaros.
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Best answer: There are in-game pets (like Lil Ragnaros) and mounts that can be purchased from the Blizzard Store. I don't think the Blizzard Store offers gift certificates, and you need to have his account information in order to purchase any in-game items.

Alternatively, you could look on eBay for loot cards from the trading card game. The loot cards have codes that can be entered in-game to get a rare pet or mount.

Also, ThinkGeek has tons of zombie gifts.
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Best answer: I personally wouldn't mind if somebody bought me a Celestial Steed mount. It's badass looking and applies to all characters on his account, which is a nice bonus. And it's currently the fastest of the mounts, so no worries about it being worse than what he already has.
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Best answer: Along the lines of World War Z: with the popularity of the show, The Walking Dead collections have started to become much easier to find. It's good, really good.
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Response by poster: You guys are great. It tells me I can "gift" Li'l Ragnaros, though I have to set up my own account to do it.

Thanks a ton, he's going to get a kick out of this.
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Response by poster: Gift given. Happily enjoyed. You can "gift" the code at checkout, and it will email it to the person of your choice; I think you could also just pass on the code and have them enter it in some manual fashion.

And, bonus, _The Walking Dead_ is on order for Christmas.
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