Replacement Sprague capacitor
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I have an old Stromberg-Carlson tube amp and I'm looking to replace the large Sprague multi-section capacitor. Of course, it's old and searches for something similar haven't paid off.

This is a four-section, marked as follows:


D6488 96

It's a little over 3" high and 1.25" in diameter.

Does anyone know of NOS Sprague caps or someone who stocks modern replacements? I'd rather not have to replace this with four separate caps, but that's of course an option.
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Have you tried There is a forum dedicated to tube amps there.
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In audio applications, usually those are Sprague Atoms. You can find them on eBay, among other places. You may never find that exact model number because it was probably made specially for S-C, but you can find an equivalent no problem. Here's another supplier.
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You're probably going to want to do separate caps, though if you want you can chop open the old can cap and restuff it with the new ones. Finding a can cap with those specific values will be both difficult and more expensive than using separate caps.
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Here is a page of good info on replacing old electrolytic caps. Note the section on "re-forming" which might bring your caps back to life for a few more years of use. There's also a section on rebuilding a can type cap, in which you remove the old caps from the can and place new (axial-lead) caps inside.
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