sale in freeport, maine true or false?
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Does Freeport, Maine have great sales on clothing before Christmas?
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Freeport used to be great, before every state put in the high-end outlet strip malls that now exist. Its nice. L.L.Bean is awesome, and there will be deals there, but beyond that, they will be the same deals as featured in wrentham, nashua, or any other new england shopping mecca.

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Agreed. Not the place for sales. A few stores yes, but not most.
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Some of the outlets are currently offering sales (e.g. Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store -- Select items are now 30% to 50% off factory store prices. Valid December 16, 2010 through December 22, 2010.).

The Freeport Merchants Association also offers some coupons.
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My nephew shopped Black Friday and got great deals at Ralph Lauren. LLBean and others sponsor nice events, so it's fun. Freeport is not a typical outlet mall; mix of regular stores and outlets, and Maine is pretty nice, but not much snow in Southern Maine, so no snowshoing, X-C skiing. Sugarloaf and other hills have snow.
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Freeport has regular stores and also "outlet" stores where companies will give discounts on merchandise that is discontinued, overstock, etc. In the outlet stores you may find that they have good discounts all year round; also in outlet stores they may have only certain sizes, or may not carry some products, etc.

The stores are around a "main street" area that is safe and pedestrian-friendly, and there are a lot of stores so it can be a place to get a lot of shopping done at once.

As pointed out above, there are other towns in New England and around the country that have these "outlet malls" too.
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Best answer: I was just there Saturday and popped into a few stores - Patagonia, North Face, LL Bean. There were some good deals going on at the first two - 50% or more on some things. But certainly not on everything. The LL Bean outlet store had a lot of good deals on clothes. But it's really hit or miss as to things being on sale matching up with your style/size. I wouldn't recommend making a big trip out of it, but if you are in the area there are worse places to end up shopping for an afternoon. As noted above, the town is set up nicely and there are some Christmas-related events going on (we saw a puppet performance of A Christmas Carol).
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