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I will be riding a train from Chicago to Boston during the upcoming total lunar eclipse. Am I correct that for best viewing, I should sit by the right-side window so as to see the moon in the south sky? Is the moon likely to rise so high that I won't be able to see it at all at its peak from inside a train?
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Yes, you are correct to sit on the right (relative to the front of the train), which will be the south side of the train. I'd imagine it depends on exactly how the train is set up, but it's certainly possible that the moon will be too high at its zenith for you to seeā€”the full moon is highest in the sky during the winter due to the earth's tilt. However, the eclipse doesn't begin until after midnight Eastern time, and the point of greatest eclipse will be at 3:16 a.m. EST, when the moon will be lower in the sky. However, the moon will also be more southwest by then. Choose a backwards-facing seat if that's available on your train.
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