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As a teenage writer I was thrilled when my first article was published by the Toronto Pet User's Group (TPUG). It was a review of Summer Games by Epyx in all its sprite goodness on the Commodore 64. Flash forward and I cannot find the copy in my files. I've attempted to contact the TPUG folks, but haven't had any luck. My attempts even included Usenet, but go there either. Lately I've been watching eBay for TPUG magazine sales, but haven't been able to find the right issue. I need to find the TPUG Magazines from 1984 and have someone locate the article for me. At this point I'd take a handheld scan of it, but the original would be awesome. Does anyone have any old issues, know where to find them or know someone in the TPUG organization that can help? Thanks!
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All that I can turn up so far is a message from '95 by Carl Bannenberg saying he'll send a copy if he gets your address. His email domain appears to be defunct, but there's only one Carl Bannenberg in the Canada411 listings (in Brampton Ontario,) so you might try getting in touch with him. I'd post the contact info directly if I knew it was the same person. Jim Brain has some old C64 magazines online, but none are the TPUG Magazine. He should know Carl Bannenberg, though, as he passed on your original message. Sorry if I'm rehashing info you already knew, but there's not much else online about it.
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It's old-fashioned, I know, but have you tried libraries? I wouldn't be surprised if there's a collection of issues in some library somewhere, and perhaps you could get a photocopy of the article that way. I don't know how to go about finding a library with such a collection, but I bet a librarian would...
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I've tried the local libraries and none are available locally or through a lending service.

Sysinfo ... yep, followed up with those guys email wise and they're both dead ends.

Thanks, though.
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Have you tried google answers. Ten or twenty bucks sounds fair. You have nothing to lose.
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What about the Publisher and/or Printer? They might have archived copies, old proofs, anything hanging around. If you make a decent plea you might be in luck. Long shot...
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