How do I clean the white painted concrete floors in my apartment?
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how on earth do I clean these crazy floors? The paint isn't sealed - it's floor paint - and the floor isn't totally even.

I have a basement apartment in San Francisco. My landlord was cool enough to ask for my input on changes he was making before I moved in. When I initially looked at the apartment, the floors were painted a horrific poop brown. I suggested gray. I was then told he planned on pulling up all the paint and just staining the concrete. Even better!

Unfortunately, the floors had been sealed at some point during their lifetime, and he was only able to get through the kitchen before deciding to paint the rest of the floors bright white due to how impossible it was to pull up the paint. It looks great... aside from the obvious exteme dirtiness issue. Thus far I've been in denial, but I'm thinking its time to attempt to clean them in some other way than sweeping, because they are looking sad. Does anyone have any tips?
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Floor paint usually includes sealer in my experience, and I've painted a number of floors. A wet mop with some kind of soap usually cleans them fine. If he used something other than floor paint you may have a problem, the paint might wash off. Try washing one small area with a rag and see what happens.
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At the bare minimum, you may want to invest in some area rugs once you get those things clean.
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use a steam mop. Best floor cleaner ever. If you have tough spots you might want to get a bissel spot bot or just go cheap and practical and use a bucket, hot water, stiff brush and something like simple green.
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Good luck, I have light gray painted concrete floors and cannot get them clean with anything. They're only 1 year old and are sealed so that's not the problem.
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Response by poster: Alas - i think this was just a bad choice on the part of the landlord. Luckily he's a reasonable guy and has agreed that any damage/ugliness is the result of poor color choice. I think he will one day just re-paint them. Either way, I won't be held responsible for damage and rugs do a fine job of making the place livable.
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