Christmas Cookies for my Dad
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Does anyone know where in New York I can buy diabetic friendly/healthy cookies?

My dad is diabetic and loves cookies. I want to give him diabetes friendly or otherwise healthy cookies for Christmas, but I want to buy a box of them somewhere -- not make them. They need to be wrapped really nicely and not have the word diabetic, healthy, or basically anything - free label anywhere on them, or my dad will immediately reject them as horrible. This is also why I can't make them - he will automatically assume they are horrible.

I know this is NYC, land of everything, but if someone can give me specific suggestions/places that would be great.
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Russian/Polish/Slavic stores carry them. If you get the Russian ones, it'll say "Diabetic" in Cyrillic, so he'll have no idea what they are.
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Response by poster: Oh, good point, no foreign languages either.
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Best answer: Most of the Whole Foods I've been to have a section of sugar-free, gluten free, and vegan cookies.

Sadly, most foods that are marketed to people who absolutely cannot consume Ingredient X are usually labeled that they do not contain Ingredient X. You can't really get around that.

Can you take it out of the package and put it in a pretty tin of your own design?

If you want a bakery recommendation:

Birdhouse is a "green bakery", but in my experience "people who are obsessed about where the flour in their pastry came from" tends to have a degree of overlap with "people who have complicated dietary requirements". So they probably have experience with this sort of thing.

Babycakes is probably worth a call as well. They offer gluten free, nut free, and vegan desserts, so again they probably have a degree of experience with diabetics and sugar-free stuff.
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One thing to keep in mind is that to be diabetes-friendly, they'll have to be sweetened with something other than lots of sugar. Many of the other sweeteners that can be used for cookies have, um, unpleasant side effects if consumed in significant quantities.

So it may actually be important for your dad to know these aren't just regular cookies sweetened with sugar. Even more so if he's going to take whatever steps he needs to manage his blood sugar while he's assuming they're regular cookies, and it turns out they aren't.
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Response by poster: Babycakes -- why didn't I think of it?
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Best answer: If he's insulin-dependent, do let him know that they're low-sugar/low-carb/whatever, or he might take too much insulin to cover it and then go dangerously low.
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