I'd like to set up a (small) group blog to share links.
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I'd like to set up a (small) group blog to share links.

Here's my vision: a blog member sees something cool and right clicks on it. Some sort of firefox plugin magic allows us to post it to the group blog. The blog shows the images or embeds the video. Facebook does this pretty well (less the right-click awesomeness), but I'd like to make this a smaller community.

I've set up a few wordpress blogs with third party hosting, so I can handle some setup complexity.

Does this exist?
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Best answer: Tumblr. Link on how to set up a group tumblr blog: http://notes.husk.org/post/89354239/group-tumblr
posted by jng at 9:24 AM on December 17, 2010

Best answer: And the Firefox plugin for Tumblr. I imagine their are other home-brewed solutions if this doesn't meet your needs.
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Posterous does that very well.
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I'd second posterous as well. They have a bookmarklet which works well, and you can post by email as well.

They just launched a groups feature which I haven't explored much, but it might be even more suitable for what you want to do.
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