Was Norwegian Wood ever translated into Turkish?
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Does a Turkish edition of Norwegian Wood exist?

A friend was looking for a Turkish copy of Murakami's Norwegian Wood. Was it ever translated into Turkish? I would assume so (a WSJ article says it was translated in over 30 languages). Can anyone confirm? And if it was, do you know where online I can order a copy? Thanks.
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Best answer: Apparently yes, it's called "İmkansızın Şarkısı" in Turkish. Here's a listing for it in what looks like an online store to me (but I can't be sure since I don't understand any Turkish whatsoever).
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Neither the Turkish central library nor WorldCat show one.
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Response by poster: Ack, found, but out of print. Oh well. Thanks for the tip Jelly.
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Best answer: Here it is on WorldCat and here's another potential shopping link.
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I was so hoping I would find a link here to a YouTube* clip of a bunch of Turks singing a Beatles song called Norveçli Tahta. Oh well.

Actually, if I can piggy-back on this question--HAVE any Turkish bands covered Norwegian Wood?

*Or, given the Turkish government's issues with YouTube, perhaps another web-based video solution.
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No, lapsangsouchong, but there is this. Punjabi.
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