Is there a way to get a replacement for a water-damaged iPhone without visiting an Apple store?
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Replacement for water-logged iPhone via Internet?

My iPhone had an unfortunate encounter with water that has left it almost, but not quite, entirely dead. I expect Apple will notice the moisture detectors and decline to replace it, but I've read that they will happily sell you a refurbished one for $200 at the Apple Store.

Unfortunately, the nearest Apple store is a 5 hour round trip. Is there a way to take advantage of this offer online or should I fuel up the car?
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Did you try putting the phone in a bag of rice for 24 hours first? It brought back both mine and my brother's iPhones from the dead.
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Response by poster: I did. (For 48 hours.) It only turns on if plugged into the wall (doesn't hold the charge), doesn't seem to pick up a cellular or wifi signal, and the speakers seem to be non-functional.
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Best answer: If it's dead now, putting it in rice may not revive it or may revive it only temporarily. Once the connections get wet they tend to corrode over time.

I got mine wet, and it was 13 days out of guarantee, and Apple were kind enough to just give me a refurbished one to replace it. I don't know how far out of guarantee yours is, but if the Apple store is feeling generous the day you show up, you may well find it was worth the drive.
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I'd definitely call the store to ask before driving out there. :)
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Best answer: You can also call AppleCare, explain the situation, and arrange an out-of-warranty repair for $199 plus $6.95 shipping/handling. You mail them the phone, they repair/replace (almost certainly replace with water damage) your phone and mail it back to you, assuming the water damage didn't COMPLETELY destroy the guts of the phone.
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Best answer: Call their 1-800-MYIPHON line--they'll help you set up an out of warranty replacement (which is the $199 refurbished phone). You can ship your phone and they'll send you the refurbished, or you can do an advanced replacement and they'll ship it to you first and you put your phone in the box and send it back.

They'll try to sell you an AppleCare protection plan before they'll do anything for you over the phone, but just tell them that you know it's water damaged, you know it's an out of warranty replacement, and you just want to get that set up over the phone because your nearest Apple Store is too far away.

Allllso, you may try putting the phone in the rice for about a week. That's what we usually used to recommend to callers (I used to work at a call center for iPhone tech support).

Good luck!
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Agh, dammit, previewed too early.
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Response by poster: Trip Report: The Apple Store was feeling generous and it was worth the drive.
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