Mahjong for improvers?
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What are the best online resources for mahjong?

After 30 years of playing mahjong I still feel like a beginner.

I would specifically like recommendations for:

1. The best smart phone mahjong app

2. The best website for online play against real opponents

3. The best guide to improving my strategy
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Best answer: First, I would like to thank you for using "mahjong" to mean the actual game and not that Taipei solitaire shit.

I don't know anything good in the way of apps and web sites, but if you're on Windows (or have an emulator), I suggest Nine Dragons' Hong Kong Mahjong. It's great for practice and play with good AI opponents.
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You are in a major city, so do the following. Figure out where your city's chinatown is (I assume London has one), go to a park therein, bring a large carafe of tea, find old Chinese people playing mahjong, and ask to join.

You will get schooled, but you will get better.

ps. offer the share the tea, natch.
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The only real iOS mahjong I know of is China Mahjong. It's a decent implementation of the game itself, but the AI is way, way, way too easy to beat.
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This page is a great resource for mahjong -

I've found that Four Winds is a pretty good PC version -
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