Behind the Bars?
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There was a website I saw within the last few months (I believe on MeFi) that hosted stories from people in prison in a blog format. I was foolish enough to not bookmark it, and now I cannot find it again. I keep thinking it was called Behind the Bars or something like that, but all of my searches are ending in vain. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Thanks
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Best answer: Between the Bars?
posted by teremala at 7:45 AM on December 17, 2010

Best answer: Looks like the site is currently down. Nothing in Wayback Machine, but Google's cache has some pages up. Remove the keyword transcription to see more pages.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Yes! That's the site, and it looks like I'm literally a day late.
posted by daboo at 8:20 AM on December 17, 2010

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