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Bra Filter: Help me find a super comfy bra for home/errands/sleeping.

Just like this previous question, the second I get home I switch from my work bra/clothes into loungewear. I'd really like to have decent support, but do not want something constricting (no uni-boob please!!) or under-wire. I'm tired of going bra-less and feeling floppy.

Please note - I HAVE BEEN PROPERLY FITTED and am a 34D/DD. I love the previous question but it was a bit heavy on 'get fitted' instead of 'here's a bra I love'.

I've checked out Title Nine (seems much too sports bra oriented for me, with all the magic wicking fabric) and looked through almost all of FigLeaves. Wondering if I'm missing any other sites before I start narrowing down my options and ordering.

Thanks in advance!
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I've never tried these but a friend of mine swears by them and I'm considering getting one.
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I've recommended Decent Exposures before.
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HerRoom is my favorite online place for bra shopping.
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Came in to crow DECENT EXPOSURES at the top of my lungs. I'm wearing one right now, I sleep in them all the time. (I have to. I'm nursing and if I don't, I wake up in a puddle of milk.) I also wear them to work out in; they're very supportive, even with no underwire. I'm currently a 38I -- not a typo -- and I can do jumping jacks in these bras.

Plus they're made in Seattle, by people who work reasonable hours and get paid a living wage and health insurance.
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Yes, Decent Exposures is the way to go here. I find that I can't wear their bras much in my day-to-day life - something about the way they're cut makes them show under my necklines more than most of my other bras. But for home/sleeping when I really don't care if a bit of my bra shows, they are the comfiest things ever.
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I continue to wear this bra, even though I am no longer nursing. It's really the most comfortable bra I have ever worn.
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I also came in to say nursing sports/sleep bras; since you need access to each boob individually, they don't tend to uniboob you, and they tend to provide sufficient support (although not for heavy exercising when you would want a stronger sports bra).

I'm actually quite fond of Target's nursing sport bras, which was the right combo of support and comfort (and price!) for me, though I am a little smaller than you in the boobage department.
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Before dropping some weight, I wore a size that Victoria's Secret carries in most of its lines (my current size isn't as common there). This was my favorite lounging/sleeping bra - unlined Body by Victoria. I still put it on sometimes after work as a relief from my newer, more structured bras that I wear during the workday. I'd imagine that if I could get one in the proper size it would be supportive as well as comfortable.
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After I had reduction surgery I wore this bra, which seems to be a direct rip of the Decent Exposures Unbra - however, the bra I got was made of thinner cotton. The Unbra looks very thick and uncomfortable.
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The original bra-llelujah by Spanx. They've added bras with wires and closures and all that to the line, but the original all-hosiery bra at Spanx has none of the above and is very comfortable. Totally non-uniboob.
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elsietheeel, the Unbra comes in a lot of different materials. The thickest is velour. Mine are in cotton/spandex, double-layered for extra support. But the lightest one is made literally out of the same jersey knit you'd make a T-shirt out of; I can't imagine anything much lighter.
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This american apparel bra is both pretty and the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. I'm smaller than you are, so I'm not sure how supportive you would find it. However, it's a lot more supportive than it looks, I'm comfortable wearing it out in public. I accidentally slept in it last night (too tired to take it off), and it was very comfortable for that, as well.
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I'm a double-D and love the Blue Canoe Jen's Bra as a leisure bra.
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KathrynT, DE's lightest are made with cotton eyelet. I wear them in summer.
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Just re-read this post (I was curious to see what others recommended) and realized you asked for no underwire. VS makes a similar model with no underwire that might be worth checking out. I will say that I don't even notice the underwire on the one I linked to before, but that could be related to my own size and the size of the bra I have.
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