My radio show won't stream. I am miserable.
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I want to stream This American Life while I lay out a giant document. But alas, it won't work. Help me figure out why. This question is a very specific question.

I used to stream This American Life all the time. It has worked on my computer before. My computer is a macbook.

Today, when I went to the website and clicked on a story to stream, the usual window popped up, but instead of streaming, it was the site's error page that said the page could not be found. This happened with about 7 stories I tried to stream. I tried it on chrome, firefox, and safari.

The fact that it's just the This American Life site's error page and not some weird browser message makes me think something is wrong with the site itself. So I googled a bit and tried to find anyone else complaining about the streaming being down, and I found nothing. HmmMMMMM. Is no one else in the world laying out a giant document and in need of stories?!

So, do you think this could possibly be related to something on my end, and if so, what do I do?
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Best answer: I also got the this page not found when I went to the website, however -- I get it as an RSS feed and that works just fine right now (it plays straight from the reader in google reader). Maybe try that way?
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Response by poster: That is a wonderful idea. I don't even use google reader, and now I do! You have just saved my night.
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