Good Samaritan Story Thread
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Please help me find a thread (from a year or two ago) that consisted entirely of people sharing stories (for the first time ever) of nice things they've done for complete strangers. It was popular at the time, but I can't seem to find it now!

I need a pick me up today and want to read through it again! For some reason I'm picturing it on reddit, but I can't find it.
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This thread might help.

I think you might be looking for Toronto Star's Acts of Kindness
posted by backwards guitar at 2:18 PM on December 16, 2010

Was it the NPR coat one?
posted by Artw at 2:23 PM on December 16, 2010

I swear it was at least 6 months ago if not more. I thought the central theme of the thread was that the stories hadn't been shared before, because these kind people never really wanted the recognition. Stories ranged from saving people in a fire to giving a homeless person all the cash they had on them at the moment. I remember one person saw a homeless girl, bought her a meal in a cafe, and then bought her a bus ticket so she could get back home.

The links already posted are neat, but I don't think they are it. I was thinking it was reddit because I remember each story being "ranked" so you could easily browse through and see some of the most amazing stories (comments) had the highest ratings.
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@artw: No, but I really like that story. That is a prime example of the kind of story you'd find in the thread (if hadn't been shared before).
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Is this an Ask question or should it be in MetaTalk?
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This is the comment about the homeless girl you are referring to, from this thread.
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Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Thank you davey_darling!

I've been searching since yesterday and could not find it! Now I shall read and restore my faith in humanity ....
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FWIW, it took some searching - I hit /r/redditstories and sorted by top of all time it showed up around halfway down the page.
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That's a fucking funny (and awesome) thread. Thanks for pointing it out.
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