Multi media wedding
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Does anyone know where I can download romantic scenes from movies to be projected during our reception dinner?

Anything that we can put onto a cd and project with sound during parts of the dinner.
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We were thinking of those montages that you might see during the Oscars. Out of Africa, Casablanca, Kate Hepburn yelling at Spencer Tracey.....
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You could rent the movies, then use some software to rip the specific chapters and scenes yourself, but there are companies that specialize in this kind of video stuff. Look in your phone book for keepsake video companies or video editing places. I used to work for one, and this is something we'd gladly do for you, if you provided the source material. We used VCR/DVD machines and a scanner hooked up to a computer with a video recording card and Adobe Premiere to do the layout and make the final video.
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American Film Institute did a 100 most romantic movies special a while ago. If you can buy a copy of that, and just edit what you need? or maybe the site has clips? It was mostly montage, i think. (or maybe there's a torrent?)

or--find still images (much easier) and edit them together, with fades and stuff.
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