Who performed this cover of Bjork's "All is Full of Love"?
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Who performed this cover of Bjork's "All is Full of Love"? [mediafire download] I downloaded it off Napster a decade ago. I've searched the interwebs, shazam, secondhandsongs, coversproject, etc. etc., and nothing. Any tips? Might you know this fellow?
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Allmusic returns these bands covering that song. The only one I couldn't listen to was chris cunningham's version.

Maybe chris cunningham?
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Response by poster: Chris Cunningham is the director of the video, alas, which is why I think he was listed.

Thanks for listening!
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It sounds a lot like Ben Folds.

I don't know why there'd be a mysterious Ben Folds cover of a Bjork song floating around the interwebs unlabeled, considering that both of them have HUGE fanbases who would want to know and label and be authoritative on the matter. But that's who it sounds like, to me.
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It sounds lika an amateur recording. It may be an impromptu recording on a radio show or somesuch of an established artist, but to me it sounds like one man and his laptop.
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I don't think thats Ben Folds. Its close but there's a few bits that seem off for him.

Honestly it sounds like a live take but there's no extraneous live noise, the mix is weird with virtually no effects or cleanup which would indicate a professionally done recording. I'd almost wager a guess that this was something that some unknown person did on their own that just got mixed into their mp3 collection and shared on Napster.
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what fire&wings said!
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Response by poster: Indeed, I'm fairly certain it's an amateur recording. But... I'd still like to find who did it! This version holds a really special place for me. Any ideas on how I can track down someone who got their mp3s mixed up on their computer and put it online?...or know any musicians who might have done that?...
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You could use MP3Tag or something similar to see if there's any info in the metadata.
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That singer has an accent. I think it's an Icelandic accent. I'll ask around to see if any Icelandic musicians covered All Is Full of Love.
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So far I have a quasi-hit. One acquaintance remembers that someone here in Iceland would cover All Is Full of Love, but can't remember who, but the style is right. I'll keep asking around. Though this may remain a mystery.
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It wasn't Darren Hayes was it?
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