Where can I get a rechargeable flashlight?
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Where can I find a rechargeable flashlight that plugs directly into the wall socket without a separate adapter? My father had a flashlight that he loved for gardening and for power outages. It was a normal flashlight that plugged directly into the wall, so he didn't have to worry about cords. The charge lasted more than an hour. Now that that's broken, I'd love to find a suitable replacement for him. Any ideas?
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They sell these at my local hardware store.
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Best answer: We had one of these for a long time.

and this one looks like it might work well, too.
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sear.com has a bunch
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Amazon has a few
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Is it possible what he really wants isn't a rechargable flashlight, but a flashlight that is reliable and always turns on when he needs it to?

You say "The charge lasted more than an hour." Any modern LED flashlight will last for several weeks of continuous use. And if used with non-draining (e.g., Eneloop) batteries, they should retain a charge for years without having to be recharged.
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Response by poster: I like the idea of an LED flashlight, and that's probably what I would buy for myself. My dad's bad at misplacing things, so the plug makes him put it back in the same spot and leave it there.

He's wanting something with the look and feel of a regular flashlight, so most of the emergency lights aren't quite right.

I think I may go with the Dorcy that royalsong suggested. Thanks, everyone!
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