What's a good small-animal-related activity in the Los Angeles area?
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It's my girlfriend's birthday next month, and I'm looking for ideas. She absolutely freaks out in the presence of small, furry cute things, so I'd like to use that as a jumping-off point.

Zoos are fine, but I'm looking for something more original. Is there a farm that raises Capybaras? A baby otter sanctuary with visiting hours? Maybe just the house of some guy who has like thirty hedgehogs?

Thing is, I don't have much money to spend on this-- maybe in the neighborhood of forty or fifty dollars. Also, if the attraction is too far outside of Los Angeles, the cost of transportation will cut into that.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Well, there's Animal Acres, a farmed animal sanctuary, just outside of LA. Of course, if you guys aren't vegetarians already, you likely will be by the end of your trip.
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Oh man...Cat House on the Kings is what you are looking for. Just watch the video on the site to understand the awesomeness of this place. I'd give a leg to visit.
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Seconding Cat House on the Kings. Although your girlfriend may never want to leave.
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Sleep With the Sloths
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Not an activity - but my best friend also freaks out at the sight of cute, adorable small animals and I got her the Cute Overload calendar for Christmas.
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Update: I decided to go with Animal Acres, and it worked out great. There were tons of friendly goats and ponies and the like-- so, technically, it didn't entirely fit within the "small" animal requirement-- but my girlfriend was thoroughly delighted.

If you do decide to go to Animal Acres, be advised that they can be a little preachy with the veganism. I'm sympathetic to animal rights causes, but the video they made us sit through felt contrived and manipulative. Still, that was only 7 minutes of our time.

I'd love to go to Cat House on the Kings sometime when I can justify a 3-to-4 hour trip out of the city. I'm saving it for later.

Also, hats off to quodlibet. I also bought her one of those Cute Overload calendars.
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