Firefox won't quit on osx
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I recently upgraded to Firefox 1.0.2 (from .93) on Mac OS X (Jaguar) and whenever I quit Firefox, it doesn't fully quit. It closes all windows but remains in the menu bar, although the menus are not functional. I have to go into Process Viewer and force quit. Can't even force quit from the Dock. I thought it might have been the SessionSaver extension, but I uninstalled it and Firefix still won't quit.
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Rename the following folder:

• /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Firefox

Then restart the Firefox application to create a new profile.

You'd need to reimport your bookmarks, extensions etc. afterwards, but this should help resolve preferences issues.
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I have found that sometimes when I go from Firefox (on OS X, Panther) to iTunes and back to Firefox, the menu bar is there but not the open windows I had (this may happen if I go to another app but I've definitely noticed it with iTunes). I can't open a new window and none of the menu items work. I have to force quit.

This happens with all versions of Firefox I've had since I started with 1.0 (I've got 1.2 right now).
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I had this when i first got Firefox. I had started it from the disk image thing on the desktop instead of copying it to the harddrive first, i found. What Alex said fixed it.
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As a data point: With Firefox 1.0.2 in Linux, I can't quit using the "Quit" menu option, but only by closing the last window (which in the Linux version doesn't leave anything running). Obviously that's not a solution for you, but it suggests that it's a real bug -- and indeed, there are a few bugs open along those lines (and maybe more, I stopped looking after a few). Here's the earliest one I saw.
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