Excuse me while I obsess over puzzle pieces
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LongshotFilter + RecommendationFilter: I'm looking for two specific 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzles from my childhood. Descriptions are inside, but since finding them seems unlikely, I'm also looking for recommendations for similar large, difficult puzzles. My tastes in jigsaws run to muted color palettes; I'm trying to branch out from replicas of famous paintings and generic landscapes (although particularly striking architecture is fair game); I prefer photorealism or intricate geometrical or abstract designs, rather than the "giant collection of loosely related objects which is difficult mostly because it's so visually busy" school of puzzles (so, like this, but not this); I'm unlikely to be interested in things smaller than 1000 pieces. I'd prefer specific recommendations if you've got 'em, but links to general suppliers are ok too.

I probably shouldn't be feeding my OCD like this, but we had these two puzzles about 15-20 years ago and I would love to get my hands on them again:
-- one was an assortment of seashells (various cowries; spiny oyster and other bivalves; a nautilus; some conidae) on a black background
-- one was the interior of a commercial jet cockpit with a view of a runway at night. It wasn't this awesome one of the space shuttle cockpit, although you can bet that's on my wishlist now.
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Slight derail, but have you considered having them made to order? They have sizes up to 1500 pieces.

Best of luck
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I couldn't find the ones you were looking for, though I got some frightful results when I forgot to put quotes around "cock pit," after I struck out on cockpit.

However - I highly recommend looking at Ravensburger puzzles. Bits and Pieces sell them, though they seem to cap at 1000 pieces. I've a bit of a puzzle obsession myself, though my current house doesn't really have space for it without sacrificing the dinner table. My two cats were put on this earth to undo jigsaw puzzles and hide the pieces around the house, too. For all the puzzles I have done (ranging from super cheap to really expensive - up to 3k pieces), Ravensburger has been the best as far as quality - both in image and piece construction. I know at least one member at Mefi works for a jigsaw puzzle retailer, maybe he/she will chime in and help you with the specific ones you want, or better suggestions.

I love the cockpit puzzle you linked to, as well as the world map.
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Unfortunately, I'm no help on your specific question. However, my fiancee and I finished this civl war map puzzle, which was a lot of fun and taught me a bit of the geography of the war. Since you listed another map puzzle as good, this one might be up your alley as well.
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Overthinking my comment above:

Ravensburgers go up to something like 9000 pieces. Bits and Pieces offerings cap out at 1000.
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