Netflix CEO interview, circa 1997
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Please help me find this interview with Reed Hastings, conducted/published in the very early days of Netflix.

So I have a vague memory of an interview with Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, probably in 1997 or 1998. IIRC there were lots of companies trying to figure out video-on-demand and how to make money at it, and the interviewer asked Reed if his company was exploring it. His answer was something to the effect of, "there's already a great delivery infrastructure in place - the post office - so why would we build a new infrastructure?"

Reasonably certain about the use of the word "infrastructure," but that's about all I have to go on, and my Google-fu is clearly not strong enough this time.
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Best answer: The closest thing to your description I could find:
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Response by poster: That's it - thanks!
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