Looking for 15-inch Computer Monitor
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Is it possible to get a high-quality 15-inch or 17-inch external monitor for my MacBook Air?

Mrs. alms and I are rearranging our furniture in expectation of the arrival of our new baby. There probably won't be room for my current 23-inch Cinema Display.

I need some kind of external display for my 11-inch MacBook Air. We could fit a 15-inch display and possibly a 17-inch display, and either of those would be sufficient for getting me the screen real estate I need. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a good display in those sizes. Everything is bigger.

Can anyone tell me different, and point me to a high-quality display in one of these smaller sizes? Barring that, what's the best-quality next-size-up display that I should consider?

This is all for typical computer work: web, writing, e-mail, some programming, photoshop, Google docs, etc. I want good color, crisp pixels, and low profile.

Thanks in advance!
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What's a "high-quality display" in your book? Are we talking about the higher-end tier of a manufacturer's lines, with better LCD quality, or above a certain resolution?

Everything you've mentioned points to a higher-tier monitor, but I am not sure if you're prizing a high pixel density (high resolution, smaller screen) or what.
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Response by poster: What's a "high-quality display" in your book?

One that doesn't hurt my eyes, that has good color, and crisp clear images.

I think that equates to "higher-end tier of a manufacturer's lines, with better LCD quality." Higher pixel density would be nice but isn't the most important thing.

Another way to think of it is that I'm a long-term user of Apple products. So that's the quality of display I'm used to, and that I'd like to get as close to as possible.
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If you're constrained by width, you could get a 24" that rotates. My old 24" Dell monitor is only 14.5" wide when rotated.
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Rather than trying to get a smaller display, would it make sense to you to get a reasonably large display that is wall-mounted? Many monitors have VESA mounts on the back, so you would pop them off their stand and hook them onto a wall mount. This would free up 100% of your desk space without sacrificing screen real estate, or obliging you to search for a high-quality small monitor that may not exist.

Apple's monitors don't come with holes for VESA mounts, but Apple does sell a VESA mount adapter. Not sure if it works with your monitor. If it does, seems like that would be the best solution. You'd still need the wall mount.
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Response by poster: Yeah, thanks for the thought but even with a wall-mount my current Apple monitory would be too large.

Right now I'm experimenting with Air Display, which turns my iPad into an external monitor connected to my MacBook Air via wifi. If I put the iPad in portrait position, it gives me a screen which is 1024 pixels high, even if it is very narrow. I don't think it's quite enough --- it's a little sluggish and a little weird --- but it's not out of the question. It's certainly the smallest solution I'm likely to find!
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Best answer: Eizo do those screen sizes and are of high quality

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