They are both on the same side of the tracks.
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[Philadelphia Filter] - Bridesburg / Wissinoming area vs. Mayfair

I previously asked this question and found the answers helpful. For a number of reasons, I have expanded my search for a house to buy. I'm seeing two houses soon, one in the Bridesburg area - 60xx block of Tulip Street, and one in Mayfair - 47xx block of Loring St. How do these areas compare in terms of personal safety and property safety (i.e. am I going to be burgaled regularly). I have the resources from the previous threads in regards to shooting and homicide maps from the Inquier, etc. Once again, Please tell me anything.
I am a female that will be living alone.
Thanks in advance.
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Neither area could be considered crime-ridden, but I've always preferred Mayfair over Bridesburg. My grandmother lived along on Hegerman for 25 years from the 70s to early this decade and never had any safety concerns.

But Bridesburg has been coming back recently as I've spoken to my parents. It's wasn't great in the 80s and 90s, but there's a definite sense of community there from what I can understand now.
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