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Telephone message software. What are some good voicemodem-telephony programs for Windows? I need a program where callers who enter a certain PIN (via touch tone) can hear a recorded announcement that I provide. I've seen some telephony software but I don't recall any support for touch tone entry. Seems something that theater movie lines use would be perfect.
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I haven't used it but it looks like the single-line version of IVRSoft's CT Developer Studio will do what you want, at $50. VoiceGuide looks more capable but is probably overkill for what you need. There's plenty of other software out there: here's a couple directory listings to get you started. You don't say what hardware you're using or how many lines you have - most voice modems and telephony cards will probably come bundled with some basic Windows software.
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Looks like CT Developer Studio may work; I'm going to look at it some more. Regarding equipment I'll just have one standard analog home telephone line and an internal voicemodem (forgot the manufacturer). Nothing fancy.
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If you're willing to be adventerous and spend some time setting it up, Asterisk could be what you're looking for and more. It's a full-featured PBX system (PBX = Phone Box Exchange, which is the generic name for the phone systems that big corporations use... including the touch-tone or voice activated systems at theatres). It's also free, and can run on outdated, generic PC hardware with the addition of a card that costs $10 on eBay.
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PBX= Private Branch Exchange.
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