Can't create new data set in R Commander
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Running R Commander (GUI for the stats package R) on my Mac — or at least I would be, if I could create a new data set. The menu item Data—>New Data Set seems to be missing. As such, I can't input any data.

This menu item seems to be very important.

Any suggestions? I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling both R and R Commander. I have also tried installing R Commander from two different mirrors. All of the other menu items are there; it's just this one EXTREMELY IMPORTANT item that is missing.

I'm running R in 32-bit mode on my Macbook Pro, which is in 32-bit mode. Mac OS 10.6.5.

Thanks in advance!
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Have you considered creating your new dataset in a flat file and then importing it?
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As a work around, can you


and edit it? Or


to start off with the right number of columns. Unless it's toy data, you're better off importing it.
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Best answer: Seconding jet_silver... if you create a text (or CSV or any number of other filetypes that R can read) file then you should be able import it with read.table() without any trouble. As long as you're in the proper working directory, should be doable in one line:

datasetname<-read.table("filename.txt", h=T)

(or ignore h=T if you don't have headers)

On preview: ack, too slow! Well, still a different alternative.
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Response by poster: I think SymphonyNumberNine takes the cake for ease. I just downloaded R Commander; previous to this I've been using Excel and I still feel pretty attached :-).

Thanks to all for your suggestions.
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