Getting an hdmi switch and secondary monitor to do their darn job, darn it
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My iMac won't play nice with my 2:1 hdmi switch and secondary monitor. Seems like there's an AND when there should be an OR.

The iMac is hooked up to my ViewSonic VX2439WM, via a mini-dvi to hdmi converter, which in turn hooks into a 2:1 hdmi switch, the means by which you eventually get to the monitor itself. The 360's hdmi cable goes into the switch as well, and when they're both on I can switch back and forth easy enough.

When the 360 is off, though, the iMac will detect the monitor - it shows up under System Prefs > Display and I can arrange it here or there - but there's nothing on screen, and the monitor's 'no signal detected' message shows up.

I've switched the inputs to the switch back and forth but no change to the behaviour.

Does this seem like a fault with the switch, or is it just something that happens? Is there some other workaround?
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are you sure the mac knows to extend the desktop onto that monitor?

have you tried connecting directly into the monitor from the imac?

Does the monitor have multiple inputs? You could use a mini-dvi to dvi for the imac and the hdmi input for the xbox 360 and just change the input channels on the monitor.
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