Where's the good in this world?
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Help me find happy things that are going on in the world!

Recently, some friends and I have been increasingly active in finding important news/research articles, posting them to each others' facebooks, and having discussions about them.

Being good citizens! Yeah!

But lately, a friend in particular has complained to me that I fill her wall with too many depressing (albeit informative) things.

(Apparently, our financial system, economic outlook, and political establishment are all downers. )

She wants news articles about the world that point to a better future: where people are actually succeeding at making the world a better, more productive, more love-filled place?

So I turn to you, MeFites! What are some happy, awesome things that are going on in the world? I would prefer more broad, systemic, social things, but smaller, anecdotal stories are welcome too!
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CNN Heroes is a good start.
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The Buried Life, The Happiness Project, Far Beyond the Stars, Married with Luggage, Family on Bikes, Color Me Katie. All of these blogs and websites make me happy with their interesting, exiciting projects!
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100 Friends Project
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Best answer: Georgia inmates are holding a (so far) peaceful and unprecedented strike to protest living and work conditions. With some much of our population behind bars into the foreseeable future, this sort of organization and empowerment can only be a positive step.

A newly launched social media site for people with disabilities.

The Colorado Supreme Court just confirmed its first Latina lesbian judge.
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www.givesmehope.com, developed in response to the cynical www.fmylife.com.
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Reddit Happy.
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Shortly after losing his job, Reed Sandridge decides to give $10 to a different stranger every day for 365 days.

He write about his experience and the people he gives money to in A Year of Giving
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"Nicer News"
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Good News Network and Good News Now.
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I came across this 4 minute clip on You Tube which show how the world is actually getting better! I really like it.
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This story made me feel good this morning. It's about a player for the Chicago Bears who has helped out a guy he met in Africa:

Bears' Harris forges an unlikely friendship

"There is no shortage of ways in which [Tommie] Harris has helped Chon, arranging his immigration from Liberia and assisting his transition to the United States in countless ways, including buying him a car."
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You'll probably enjoy Chris Carlsson's book Nowtopia - I'd also check out Sandor Katz's The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved (better than its title suggests) and Burkhard Bilger's recent article about "underground" food movements in the New Yorker.
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also Yes magazine. It's positive and practical, but rarely sappy. (Sappy stories make me spit.)
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2nding Yes Magazine.
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