Therapist recommendations in Eugene?
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Therapist recommendations in Eugene?

[Eugene, OR filter] Looking for a therapist or counselor who can help a thirty-something male grapple with a myriad of issues, chiefly depression and what appears to be PTSD. Have an Asperger's diagnosis, but I'm so high-functioning that many therapists I've seen in the past have been surprised by that claim (while some had the opposite reaction). I also wonder about Narcissistic Personality Disorder because I seem to meet more than five of the DSM-IV criteria for NPD.

I tend to get along very well with others and always seem to impress therapists with my ability to introspect. Note that I am a strong starter but have a long history of bailing before the therapeutic ball really begins to roll. Each time, I tell myself that this is because the therapist wasn't as "good" or "smart" as I had hoped, and I believe there is some truth there, but this obviously has to be a two-way street. (I bring this up because I have to wonder if some therapists are more skilled at recognizing that potential early on and know how to deal with it in time, and/or are simply better themselves at making good first impressions.)

Cognitive behavioral therapy seems like a good fit. I have had *very* positive experiences with EEG biofeedback for certain behaviors/issues, but that is probably beyond my present budget because I do not believe I can currently afford a QEEG (or justify it for insurance). No meds for me, though, even though I certainly understand that they make sense for some people/situations.
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Here is a page of therapists in Eugene that do this sort of work.

I live here, but it has been awhile since I have availed myself of therapy services and I would not recommend the one I went to, on consideration.

One addition I might add would be Larry Maltz. MeMail me if you have any followup questions.

Good luck.
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I had a great experience with David Northway. My problems had more to do with a failing marriage (and dealing with my then-wife's mental health issues), but I found Dr. Northway to be very personable and to have quite a bit of insight.
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Hi - uh, kinda wish there was a better anonymous reply function.
I had a really .. uh, I don't know how to put it. Awesomely productive/supportive relationship with Mary Beth Llorens in town. She's over in that office that's on 13th ave and Charnelton-ish, downtown. I worked with her on some trauma issues, socialization/emotional dysregulation issues, depression and bipolar episodes. She does CBT and EMDR. She is very supportive and non-judgment of both being on medication and off medication. at least, that's been my experience, if that's something you're worried about with therapists (that was definitely a worry for me, someone who I could approach with my intense feelings about being on and off them).

obviously, ymmv - i wish you the best of luck in finding someone who can help you the best.
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