Stretch my socks!
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How do I stretch these socks?! Can I?

I bought these socks (screencap because the website they were up on isn't available anymore).

They fit great except for the bright red band up top. That part is way too tight for me. How can I stretch them out? Can I? I've had one sock with the bright red part stretch out around a giant tea kettle all day and it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference.

Anything else I can try? Is this hopeless?
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You can go in with scissors and veeerrry carefully snip out a couple rows of elastic in the band. (Just a few, every other couple of rows or so, ought to do the trick.)
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I think the tea-kettle technique would work well on, say, wool, but these are 2% spandex. I'm not sure you can permanently stretch spandex, at least until it's so old it starts to break down. The only thought I had was maybe you can look at it really close up and see if you can see any of the elastic fibers, and try to abrade a few, so the stretchy section is weaker?

Good luck--it's such a bummer when a really cute piece of clothing has a flaw like this!
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Are they long enough so that you could afford to lose a little of the length? Could you perhaps cut off the offending part, sew up the edge (serge it? I am clueless when it comes to machine sewing) and either sew in some looser elastic or use garters?
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My SO has feet at least 3 inches longer than me. I wear cute little ankle socks. He loves, LOVES stealing my socks. I don't know why. Maybe they are more snug, maybe they make him feel closer to me.

From my experience of his sock thievery, YES, it is possible for socks to be stretched beyond belief, which in YOUR case, would be a good thing.

I would suggest that spandex needs plenty of movement (and maybe body heat?) to break down its elasticity, much like spandex leotards and dancewear eventually gets a bit loose.

Do you know anyone with significantly larger thighs than you, who can wear them for a day? Perhaps you could wear them on your head?
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Also - I am not proud of this - but when I have leotards that are way too tight in the thigh/butt, I hold the circle of spandex in both my hands, and quickly yank it as large as I can - usually there's a slight ripping sound, and then they fit just fine. YMMV.
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