Where to eat when everything's closed for the holidays (Torrance, CA)
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I'm looking for good dining out options for treating a friend to brunch, around 11:00am on December 25, in the general vicinity of Torrance, CA (or between Torrance and LAX). I'm sure there's tons of good places, but I need someplace that'll be open Christmas morning. Know of any?
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This isn't Torrance specific, but typically Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Day -- perhaps Dim Sum?
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Cracker Barrel, Denny's, and IHOP are three chains I know of which are generally open on Christmas day.
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Response by poster: @jacquilynne - Yeah. Chinese would be fine. But they can be really hit-or-miss. In my area, less than half of the Chinese restaurants are open Christmas day, and only about half of those are of sufficient quality for treating a friend (we've all had bad Chinese, right?). So I'd still like a specific recommendation for the area from someone who knows that that the place they recommend will be open and can vouch for their quality.
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Response by poster: @Aleen - That's helpful, thanks. I'd love to go to Cracker Barrel. Unfortunately, it appears that there aren't any in CA. I've had some bad experiences with Dennys, but Dennys or IHOP could do in a pinch.

I'm hoping someone will suggest something just *slightly* fancier. The ideal place would be something along the lines of PF Changs or Bahama Breeze. I know beggars can't be choosers though, so I'll keep IHOP in my back pocket.
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Response by poster: It seems a nearby Buca di Beppo is open on Christmas. That might work too.
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I enjoyed eating at Truxton's when I was stuck at conf near LAX and had to get out of the hotel back in september. You'd have to call to see if they will be open Xmas.
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Bombay Tandoori seems to be open for lunch on Christmas, and I can vouch for the food being delicious.
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Not quite PF Changs but definitely better thna IHOP, The Original Pancake House.

There's one in Redondo Beach, which is next to Torrance. Give them a call and see if they are open on Christmas Day.
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Response by poster: @aGee - Thanks. That would have been great. Unfortunately I just called them and they're not open.

@snowymorninblues, @arianell - Thanks! I'll call Truxton's and see if they're open, and I'll add Bombay Tandoori to my list of possibilities.
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A friend recommended McCormick and Schmick's, which according to this is open on Christmas Day. They open at 12pm, though, so this recommendation is dependent on how flexible your schedules are. Food and service reported to be above-average, although a bit pricey.

Otherwise, you can check out Open Table. Choose Southern California, Beach Cities, and plug in Dec. 25, 11 a.m. to see a few other restaurants that are listed as available at that time. The L.A. area has a pretty active Yelp and Chowhound community so you could cross-check a restaurant name on either of those sites. Definitely call the restaurant directly to make sure about its hours.
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Proud Bird Restaurant has a big brunch on holidays . . . not sure specifically about Christmas Day, but it's likely. Bonus if your friend likes planes, you're right by the runway at LAX, and some of the tables have special headsets so you can listen to the tower radio frequency (at least they used to).
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I should clarify my suggestion of McCormick and Schmick's above to specify the El Segundo restaurant. It's just south of LAX on Rosencrans Ave.
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