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I love reading, and I'd like to find more fashion blogs with a strong sense of place. Please share your favorite street style fashion blogs that focus on Europe - and, if possible, on a single city.

Thanks to previous AskMes and some related searching, I already read The Sartorialist and Garance Doré's personal blog; while I love seeing what people all over the world are wearing, it's a little overwhelming. I'd like to find the equivalents for Paris, London, Venice, Prague, Sarajevo, Barcelona, Helsinki, Oslo, St. Petersburg, and other European cities: do they exist?
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Have you seen Hel-Looks (Helsinki street fashion)?
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Dam Style for Amsterdam.
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Face Hunter is based in London, though it looks like he's been shooting all over lately. Style Scout is a more London-centric London Street Style blog.

Dam Style is style in Amsterdam.

Stil In Berlin is another which is mainly based in one city, though sometimes they branch out.

Budapest Style is all in Hungarian, but it's still pretty easy to navigate.

Easy Fashion is a Paris street fashion blog.
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Thanks for the great links! So much gorgeous stuff to look at, and differences between cities to ponder.
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