Okay, fine. I'll waste a question on this.
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I've been trying to remember this movie for years to no avail. Here are a few details I remember:

1) The opening credits were over a panning shot of a girl's desk with lots of make-up on it.

2) The main female character lived next-door to a "cool" boy (Maybe? Maybe he was a nerd, too) and they had opposing balconies.

3) There may have been three male friends that made a pact to all get laid by the end of senior year, but by prom they hadn't.

4) I believe neither the female lead nor her neighbor ended up going to prom and it was strongly implied that they had sex, with the boy climbing over into female lead's balcony.
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Best answer: Whatever It Takes
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Drive Me Crazy?

They are neighbors, and there is a prom involved. Basically, she needs a date to prom after she's dumped and her nerdy neighbor boy is the only one who still doesn't have a date. Commence geek to chic makeover and "I think I'm falling for you" tropes!
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I was also thinking of Drive Me Crazy and am a little embarrassed both to have seen and to remember that movie.
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Best answer: This is definitely Whatever it Takes.
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Response by poster: YES. It's totally Whatever It Takes. I Youtube'd the trailer to be sure. How did I forget such highlights as dancing in underwear and a cowboy hat playing the accordion?
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Response by poster: Even better, IMDB says it's a remake of a classic story, much like one of my other guilty-pleasure movies, 10 Things I Hate About You.
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It's sort of amazing how teen movies get all jumbled together in our memories. #3 is from American Pie.
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Response by poster: elsie, I think #3 is in American Pie, but I'm pretty positive it was in Whatever It Takes to some degree as well. I guess I'll have to watch it.
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